ChordKit is the best-designed and most intuitive guitar chord app available.

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Find Chords

ChordKit has thousands of chord diagrams.

  • Quickly find thousands of chords from simple triads to maj7sus4(♯5)
  • Full support for slash chords commonly used in guitar tabs and popular music
  • Create your own custom chords
  • Favorite your most used chords for even quicker reference

Make Music

ChordKit shows you which chords are in scale so you can write better songs, faster.

  • Easily find chords in major or minor keys
  • Seamlessly discover chord inversions
  • Take your songwriting to the next level with borrowed, secondary, and substituted chords

Privacy Policy

ChordKit does not collect any user data, other than what Apple automatically collects.


Please email questions and requests to [email protected].